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Gastronomic pleasure program

In this program, Michelin-level chefs will work with you.
You can choose gourmet dishes in the author’s design from the chef’s menu or order something unique for you personally.
If you have special preferences for the tastes of dishes or food nuances, a perfectly balanced menu will be created for you only from those products that you love.

The perfect breakfast from around the world

You can start the day with a classic omelet or French toast, homemade bread and delicious local cheeses, or maybe you want a tender parfait with berries and honey?

Anything is possible here!

In addition to any breakfast, we will pamper you with the freshest fruit, milk, coffee and freshly squeezed juices to your taste.

Balanced Lunches

Lunches have the perfect harmony of amazing flavor, optimal satiation and visual pleasure.

Stunning carnitas with homemade tortilla, a fresh salad of your choice, fish tacos or chicken wings… 

Whatever you choose, it will keep you satiated until the evening and give you a sweet aftertaste of your pleasure.

Dinners worthy of royalty

Our chef’s dinners might well be beautiful paintings in the best museums, if they weren’t so delicious! You could invite the Queen herself to such a table!

You will have something to delight yourself with: beef tenderloin, exotic chicken with coconut milk, magnificent lobster, fresh tuna, and dozens more options for the best dinner of your life.

Magic Cuisine

Our chef is a magician who would be the envy of any genie.

A genie grants only three wishes, and our chef not only grants dozens of wishes, but surpasses them, delighting our beloved guests.

The cuisine at Castillo del Sol is self-sufficient and beautiful, and it’s all just for you!

Castillo Del Sol

        Максимум человек: 10

          Maximum persons: 10