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Imagine You’re Already Here

Step Outside at 4:30 AM… It’s still dark, but the path to the beach is illuminated by a mesmerizing trail of moonlight. Beneath your feet, the sand is still cool from the night, gently rustling as if inviting you to join in a morning ritual.

The water kisses your feet, warm like the embrace of an old friend. You feel its softness and hear its whispers, which dissolve into the night air.

On the horizon, a faint glow appears, and slowly, as if the whole world is waking up from a long slumber, darkness gives way to light. Stars and the moon fade, yielding to the dawn.

Cicadas begin their songs, creating an astonishing orchestra of nature. Pelicans venture out for their hunt, their graceful beaks soaring smoothly into the sky.

And in the distance, on the horizon, the lines of a snow-white Whale’s Tail manifest, creating an incredible spectacle. A new happy day begins…

Castillo Del Sol

        Максимум человек: 10

          Maximum persons: 10