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Manuel Antonio

Car trip to Quepos, Manuel Antonio National Park.

If you want to see the true wilderness of Costa Rica, take an amazing trip to Manuel Antonio National Park. Here you will get right into the arms of the pristine jungle, which will surround you on all sides and show you all that the nature of this country is capable of.

The forest is home to sloths, toucans, iguanas, rare white-faced monkeys and hundreds of other animals, birds and plants. Undiscovered trails, mangroves, wild inhabitants of the jungle very close to you, a shining festival of colors and shades – all this will make you forget for a while about life in the city and completely merge with the pristine natural force.

This park owns the most beautiful beach in the country, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the purest sand and incredible sun-soaked water.

The park has a small cafeteria where you can refresh yourself during your walk. Experienced multilingual guides know the most secret routes and help you find the treasures of the park – rare animals and birds.

A trip to Manuel Antonio is one of those adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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