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Psychedelic retreat

We offer accommodation and holding of ceremonies and retreats in two locations:

Retreat center in Ecuador “Amazen” (economy class, no more than 10 people)

Retreat center in Costa Rica “Castle of the Sun” (suite, no more than 20 people)


Service Group AmaZen Castle of the Sunа
Accommodation $25 $100+ (depending on accommodation type)
Nutrition $10 $50+ (upon request)
Kambo 1 person $50 $100
2-4 people $150 $300
5-10 people $100 $200
Ayahuasca, cactus, mushrooms 1 person $200 $400
2-4 people $150 $300
5-10 people $100 $200
Smoking DMT
- changa (vegetable)
- bufo (toad 5MeoDMT)
- synthesized (chemistry)
$100 $200
Integration for clients $100 $200
Integration for Team Leaders $200 $400


Any psychedelic experience, especially for beginners, is a very powerful reboot of consciousness and attitude. This is best approached with experienced guides. The shaman’s task is to masterfully and accurately organize the ritual, competently prepare drinks and mixtures, set up and maintain a safe space both before and throughout the ritual, interact with your soul, demons and entities, as well as with the spirits and guardians of the area. This sacred duty lies with Vladimir.
Messages from teacher plants often come encoded in visual or mental images that are very difficult for the average person to decipher. The integrator’s task is to find explanations, decipher messages, and sort everything in your mind into beautiful, understandable shelves. It is very important to enter the process correctly and exit it correctly, so as not only to make the most of the experience gained, but also not to harm either yourself or others. And also launch the most effective unpacking of your experience, which can last from the moment of the ceremony for several weeks or even months. For these purposes, we offer the services of Arina, an experienced psychedelic guide, healer, psychologist and spiritual mentor. Arina has at her disposal a huge range of techniques and practices (spiritual, psychological, healing, esoteric, mystical, tantric, etc.) that will help integrate your experience with maximum benefit.
The cost of services includes:
– general preparation before the start of the retreat
– daily personal consultations
– various practices and answers to questions throughout the day as needed
– competent exit from the process, summing up and integrating experience


Arina does not accept group integration in her work, because each client is completely unique and requires an individual and subtle approach with exclusive explanations, practices and techniques. For group retreats, you can count on one individual session per day lasting up to 60 minutes, plus Arina will be at your disposal throughout the day to answer questions and conduct additional practices.

To save money, you can order only two individual consultations: at the beginning of the retreat (preparation) and at the end (exit), but we strongly recommend that you take a full package of services for all days of the retreat. In this case, the last consultation at the end of the retreat is a gift to you. You can also order integration only on selected days.

The processes of each participant are not only very individual, but also strictly confidential. Information about your participation in our retreat as a whole, as well as a transcript of your experience during integration, is your personal property and is not subject to disclosure by the facilitators.

Integration with Arina is not a prerequisite. You can easily carry out self-integrations for your clients. However, Vladimir and Arina have unique methods of unspoken interaction, understanding, vision and conduct of processes that will contribute to maximum unpacking for your clients.

By default, integration with each client is a strictly individual and confidential process. Except for situations where the client himself agrees to your presence.

You can book integration sessions for the team leader, where Arina will share with you her know-how both in working with private clients and in working in a group. For obvious reasons, integration costs more for managers.

The group leader, who does not take part in the rituals and integrations, pays only for accommodation and food. When participating in rituals – on a general basis.

Castillo Del Sol

        Максимум человек: 10

          Maximum persons: 10