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Igor is an experienced captain, guide, and a genuine adventure enthusiast. He has not only participated in numerous sailing regattas and long-distance cruises on various types of vessels but has also led crews of various sizes, from small groups of two to larger teams of five.


Igor is a true expert in the world of yachting and maritime adventures. His professionalism and experience ensure our guests the highest level of safety and comfort during sea excursions. There’s no doubt that you will be in capable hands when Igor takes the helm of the yacht.

Furthermore, Igor will not only provide you with excellent service at our villa but will also gladly serve as your driver and local guide to explore nearby attractions. He has an in-depth knowledge of this corner of Costa Rica and can share unique insights into the local culture and nature.


And if you dream of an exciting journey on the waters of Costa Rica, Igor will help you rent the perfect yacht or boat to explore the picturesque coasts and coastal areas of this incredible country. With him, your maritime adventure will undoubtedly become unforgettable.


Igor is a professional with extensive experience, and we are delighted to have him on our team to make your stay at Castillo Del Sol even more amazing and memorable.

Castillo Del Sol

        Максимум человек: 10

          Maximum persons: 10